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on Tuesday, 31 January 2012.

Digital Signage Projects

Quote from the Customer:

“The strategies from Signature mean we have been able to increase sales of some products by 63%. The Scala based system is reliable and scalable, which is business critical. No menu boards, means no sales. It’s because of Signature and their unique understanding that the menus are expected to pay for themselves in one year.” – Ian Hetherington, Brand Manager for SSP

Quote from our Scala Certified Partner:
Using a content strategy, as well as good design and the reliable Scala system, SSP has been able to see a realistic return on investment with this solution.

The Challenge:
In the UK, SSP operates over 700 food outlets and employ over 10,000 people working across own-brands such as Upper Crust and on behalf of top High Street brands including Starbucks and Burger King. They sell around 40 million products every year. Out of that, 15% are Hero products; which is the Whopper, Chicken Royal and Bacon Double Cheeseburger. SSP realized they had a problem with their menu boards and the fact they could only use two different day parts.

The Solution:
Scala Partner Signature Digital Menus, offers more than just the hardware; they offer a content solution. Signature analyze things like demographics, day parting, site trends – all the kind of things that SSP needs in their business.

The Benefit:
“Signature understand our business, our challenges and how we work. They delivered a reliable system, good content and a strategy which works for us. We’re seeing a realistic return on investment with their solution. It works and we’re very happy, not only that menus have improved, but also, our bottom line profits.” – Ian Hetherington, Brand Manager for SSP

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