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SMART Notebook 2014

on Tuesday, 31 January 2012.

SMART Notebook 2014

Key enhancements in Notebook 2014:

SMART Response VE

Seamlessly transition between lesson delivery and assessment. Students can respond to planned and spontaneous questions and quizzes from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere.

SMART Notebook 3D tools

Provide truly immersive learning through the use of 3D objects right in your SMART Notebook lesson.

SMART Notebook Connect

Find and explore new content, resources and professional development within SMART Notebook.

XC Collaboration Basic

Stimulate collaboration and discussion while incorporating mobile devices into your SMART Notebook lessons in new and exciting ways.

SMART Notebook Math powered by Geogebra

Improve math functionality for all grade levels with more than 55,000 math content objects and interactive activities for geometry, algebra, calculus and statistics. It supports both Mac and PC.

New tools

Easily create and deliver engaging lessons with new functionality in SMART Notebook, including a paintbrush pen and image editing tool.

Ink editing

Enhance instruction with automatic handwriting recognition and conversion combined with intuitive text editing capabilities. Now you can edit, move, delete, modify or insert text objects without reaching for a keyboard.

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